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Parental Engagement in Tennis – The provider? Dr Alan Ringland

Parents are considered to have the most influence during a child’s early psychological and social development throughout their initiation into sport. Although the academic study of sport parenting is less extensive and historically established than sport coaching, the literature reflecting parental influence and involvement in youth sport has grown substantially in recent years. Research posits […]

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New Video – Practice ‘Lane Discipline’

A new video from Tennis Coach Ireland: Keys to Winning Tennis Part 4 – Practice ‘Lane Discipline’ when serving. A good server can deliver the ball to the receiver’s forehand, backhand or straight at their body. Use this drill to help develop the required accuracy.

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Information from Tennis Ireland for Junior Players entering Open Tournaments

All junior players entering Tennis Ireland sanctioned tournaments need to include a “Tennis Ireland PIN”. If you don’t have one, please register at 1.Click on ‘Tennis Ireland National Player Database’ icon 2. Click on ‘ Register for a Pin’ icon 3. Fill in details as requested then click on ‘Request Membership’ 4. You should […]

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NEW VIDEO – Improve your touch

A new video from Tennis Coach Ireland in the “Keys to Winning Tennis” series – develop your ‘touch’ and hit better drop volleys. Three valuable exercises in less than a minute!

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