Coach Communication October 2008


Coach Communication October 2008

Tennis Ireland is very keen to promote the idea that every tennis club should appoint a part or full time Director of Tennis. The Governing Body is convinced that coaches are the ideal candidates for the job, so I was asked some time ago to circularise all coaches with the details. I have done so twice to date, but I have to say that the response from coaches has not been encouraging. As a result, Tennis Ireland has een forced to write to club volunteers to see if they are interested in being trained for the post.

The training involves attending the Director of Tennis course. This course will be delivered in each province, starting early 2009, and is free to attend. The schedule for the course is flexible within each province. For example, the Leinster schedule will probably entail a six week commitment – one evening per week for 6 weeks, with each session lasting for three hours.  It has to be in the interests of any coach to have attended this course, and to have a Director of Tennis certificate in hand, if and when the Club/s you work in decide that the time is right to make thisappointment. Given how Irish peoples demand for better service has blossomed in the last few years, I personally feel that it is only a matter of time before the vast majority of clubs feel they need to have airector of Tennis in place.

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At the National Conference 2007, the `Drill of The Year` competition was one of the best received events. We have decided to run this event again this year at the Conference (November 29th and 30th), and invite all coaches to enter. Details at homepage of
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