Coach Communication November 2008


Coach Communication November 2008

This years European Coaches Symposium was held at the LTA`s magnificent new tennis facility at Roehampton in London. The 29th Symposium, organised by Tennis Europe and hosted by the LTA, ran from October 23rd to 25th. A total of 130 coaches from 33 countries attended. Among them, representing Ireland, were myself, Garry Cahill and Tadhg Lambe, there to pick up on the latest thinking.

While Garry will now focus on bringing this new information into his National Performance Programme, and Tadhg will select what he feels is important for the new Level 3 course which he is writing, my job is to ensure that coaches throughout the country are aware of what happened at this event. So I have decided to make this months `Coach Communication` an issue dedicated to the proceedings of the 29th European Coaches Symposium.

I hope you pick up something from the event and this newsletter which you will find useful in your work.

All the best,

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