Coach Communication Newsletter June 2010


Coach Communication Newsletter June 2010


This is the first issue of the Coach Communication Newsletter ever dedicated to a single topic. That topic is the new Tennis  Ireland initiative – the National Player Database. It is a measure of how important we in TICA consider this project to be that we are using issue 28 solely to inform you about this programme and what it means for coaches, players and clubs.

I believe that coaches will be absolutely vital in the implementation of the National Player Database. One of the main cornerstones of the  programme is the idea that every player in the country, who plays on the full court with the regular ball, should have an ITN – an International Tennis Number. Coaches are in the best position to assign ITN`s, whether it be  through the on court test or by using the ITF`s `Description of Standards`.

Speaking personally, I would go much further and say that the positive participation of the TICA coaching community is essential to the development and implementation of almost any tennis programme in Ireland that you might care to mention! And I am not the only one who sees  the importance of our role in the game. It was interesting to read a quote recently from the President of the ITF, Francesco Ricci Bitti, who wrote, “I consider coaches of beginner and intermediate players to be one of the key factors in the growth of the game”.

I hope you will play your part in the growth of the game in Ireland by actively supporting and  getting involved in the National Player Database programme.


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