Coaches News 03.05.11


Coaches News 03.05.11

Dear TICA Member,

Here area couple of updates that I hope you will find of interest.


The ITF has just published issue number 53 of the Coaching and Sports Science Review. This issue includes articles on:

Grand Slam men’s singles tennis 1995 – 2009: Points, games and sets.

Orange to green: The step to the big court.

`Choking revisited…

Considerations on how to finish off `key points.

The Coaching and Sports Science Review is an essential must-read for all tennis coaches. It keeps you up to date on the latest thinking and research from the world’s top experts. What’s more – it’s free!

Click here to go straight to the page where you can download CSSR number 53:


Just this morning, I received the following interesting email:

“Hello Peter, I came across your name while viewing the Tennis Ireland website and wondered whether you might know of a coach that may have interest in coming to New York for the summer to train our 9 ½ year old and 7 year old boys. They have been playing tennis since four years of age and are passionate about the sport. We live on Long Island, New York (about 25 miles from Manhattan) and have a tennis court at home and could provide housing”.

If you think you might be interested in following up on this, please send me an email that I can forward to the gentleman in question, including the following details:

1. Your name

2. Your phone number

3. Your level of qualification

4. Any other details you think might be relevant.

All the best,