Coaches News 19.07.11


Coaches News 19.07.11

Dear TICA Member,

Here is the latest update on what is happening, together with some links to material on the internet that I hope you will find of interest.

WORKSHOP WITH MARK TENNANT: When British coach Mark Tennant was here last year he made a very well received and well-attended presentation to TICA coaches at Riverview. Mark will be returning to Ireland shortly, and will again be presenting at Riverview. All TICA members who attend will be credited with 33 points under the 2011 Continuous Professional Development programme. Details are as follows:

Date – Thursday 4th August.   Venue – David Lloyd Riverview    Time – 9.00am to 3.00pm   Cost – 50 euro

Aim: The aim of this course is to help coaches understand how to work effectively with adults at beginner and improver level. By the end of this course, coaches will have a better understanding of: 1. Why adults play tennis. 2. The coaching skills required to develop your adult programmes, including ‘rules’ for coaching adults’. 3. How to get starter players to serve rally and score from the first lesson 4. How to develop tactical effectiveness in adults of all abilities.   5. The needs of different adult target markets. 6. Ideas for competition, and special sessions such as inductions and clinics. 7. The new ITF Adult Tennis Xpress programme.

Registration: Attendance at this event is open to only the first 26 TICA coaches who book. To book you can

1. Call reception at David Lloyd and pay over the phone by credit card (cost is 50 euro)


2. Call reception at David Lloyd and book, but you must send a cheque for 50 euro to the club (payable to David Lloyd Riverview) within 24 hours of making the booking.

DAVID LLOYD PHONE NUMBERS: (01) 218 9600 or (01) 218 9601.



1. Fun Tennis 10s video from the USTA, featuring Agassi and Graf:

2. A short video with tennis specific warm up ideas:

3. Sports help reduce aggression in boys (article):

4. Children exercising far less than their parents imagine (article):



If you could zero in on what customers want, you could make a fortune, right? Over and over again, consumer research shows what makes people buy. Customers say they base their purchases on three important things.

1.They like to buy from people they trust. Businesses that clearly offer a no-risk money back guarantee or jump to help a customer who is having problems always rank high in the minds of customers.

2. Customers want quality. For a long time the quality factor has been the one most often named by consumers. Price is good. Convenience is good. But it’s dependable quality that buyers really want.

3. Customers want a good price. Lately “good price” has moved up in importance. For a long time, consumers ranked price well down the list. But with the economy getting tighter, price is once again at the top of shopper preferences. Show customers and prospects how your price is competitive when compared with others. Promote those products or services that have an especially good perceived value.

You can see details of some of Joe’s latest products for coaches at: and at .


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