Coaches News 10.10.11


Coaches News 10.10.11

Dear TICA Member,

It was great to see so many of you at the National Conference. The venue and date met with almost universal approval, and we extend a big thank you to Castleknock LTC for allowing us to use their excellent facilities. Main speaker Hrvoje Zmajic was very well received by the delegates. The launch of the TI/TICA Schools Tennis Initiative was of interest to a lot of coaches, and I will be writing to you again with a quick questionnaire on this subject in the near future. The survey completed on the day about your thoughts on which direction TICA should move in has provided some very interesting results. They will start to guide the new committee as and from our first meeting, which is scheduled for this Thursday 13th October. For those who were unable to attend the AGM, the big news is that the proposal to change the name of TICA to `Tennis Coach Ireland` was unanimously passed by those present. This change will come into place in the near future, and I will keep you up to date on progress.

Here is some more news that I hope you will find of interest…


The Tennis Europe 2011 Coaches Education Conference was held recently in Portugal. Liam Cassidy, Roger Geraghty and myself attended, in order to keep up to date with what is happening in tennis coaches training in the broader European context. The Conference was dominated by two topics:

1. The role of distance learning or e-learning, and how this strand of education will grow in the future. Tennis Ireland currently has two online courses – the Play and Stay Assistant course, and the Director of Tennis course. Tennis Ireland Director of Development Roger Geraghty has already been very proactive in uploading educational content to the Tennis Ireland website, and I know it is something he plans to do even more of in the future. TICA will launch a new top of the range website in the near future, and it will include facilities to allow us to extend further into the field of e-learning.

2. Coach Licensing Schemes. Some countries have a licensing scheme in place, and many of those who do not are looking at implementing one. Ireland is in the latter group. Not having a licensing system in place means that no distinction can be drawn between coaches who qualified a long time ago, and may not have given a lesson in many years, and those dedicated and active coaches who ensure that they are up to date with all new developments. Tennis Ireland intends to launch a licensing scheme, commencing 2012, and has the full backing of TICA in doing so.

Another reason for putting a licensing scheme in place is that the ITF intends to commence ratifying the coach education systems of countries where the general framework of the coaching system meet their criteria. This ITF recognition would be a valuable addition for Tennis Ireland coaches, who would remain Tennis Ireland coaches, but their certification would also carry the seal of approval of the World Governing Body. In order to meet the criteria that the ITF will use in order to decide if a nations training and development schemes will make the cut, there must be a licensing system in place.

You can download all the presentations from the Conference at If you want to learn more about the ITF`s proposals to ratify national coaches training scheme, please see the presentation entitled Presenting Guidelines for ITF Approval of CE Systems by Miguel Crespo.


TICA coach and former Irish number one player Yvonne Doyle has been studying yoga for some time. She has written a very interesting article on how this ancient discipline can be of direct relevance and use to tennis players. You can read the article, where you will also find contact details for Yvonne if you would like to discuss where tennis and yoga could overlap constructively.


TennisPsych: FREE. This month, a free online Tennis Psychology information and consultancy service for professional and amateur competitive tennis players, as well as coaches, federations and parents will be launched online. The website: www.tennispsych.comis completely free and no registration is required. The service aims to provide information and inspiration through the website, and a free detailed consultancy service by email and Skype. If you have any questions or would like to use the service you can


Michael McDaid is a member of our organisation, who has put together a new system for quick and efficient court booking: “ACEBOOK will take your club into the 21st century with an on line booking system that is simple to use, profitable for your club and which offers a range of background services to help with club administration and planning”. Full details are at


1. TICA Chairman Liam Cassidy has further developed his video channel on YouTube, and has added some more short films that will be of interest to all Irish coaches, including “Garry Cahill talks about his experience at this years US Open with Conor Niland and Louk Sorensen and shares his thoughts on the young upcoming Irish players”:

2. `Mythbuster` video clips – Joe Dinoffer of dispels some common myths about how the game is played and taught:

3. A new programme called `Tennis Xpress` will soon be launched worldwide by the International Tennis Federation. Get a sneak peek here:

4. Inspire2coach video – movement, concentration, control, consistency:

TULLOW LTC: You should have received from me last week an ad for a coach to teach at the newly formed Tullow LTC. The club has asked me to point out that applications for this position must be with the club by October 21st.


Every tennis coach should be familiar with the material published by Human Kinetics. They are one of the few (if not the only) publishers who regularly produce cutting edge tennis coaching and instructional books.

Their new publication TENNIS ANATOMY, written by Paul Roetert and Marl Kovacs is no exception to this rule. The book does something that I have never seen before: the muscles that are used for each stroke are highlighted in colour graphics. Exercises are described and illustrated for each muscle. Then the `Tennis Focus` section concentrates on the tennis-specific relevance of this information. The authors are renowned experts on the physical aspects of tennis – both were speakers at the last World Coaches Conference. As well as allowing you to deepen your understanding of the development of strength, speed, power and agility for tennis, there is an emphasis throughout the book on injury prevention. It is obviously in the interests of every coach to be up to speed on what causes tennis injuries and how to prevent them.

You can read detailed extracts from the book at From this page you can also access video interviews with Paul Roetert and read relevant articles.