Coaches News 10.02.12


Coaches News 10.02.12


Here is the latest News Update, which I hope you will find of interest.

It’s a busy time for the TICA committee, ensuring that the services required by members continue to be provided. The Association will shortly change name and become ‘Tennis Coach Ireland’. Our new state of the art website will come on stream soon. I’ve had a sneak preview, and I am convinced that the website will be a valuable tool for our members to promote themselves. A range ofTennis Coach Ireland clothing is currently being developed, and will shortly be available to purchase.

This will be the last newsletter sent to coaches who were members in 2011, but have not rejoined for 2012. For those few who are in this situation, you can get back on board by visiting our website, and rejoining electronically or through the post. 

Please keep in touch if you have any news to share, or comments or queries to make.

All the best,

Peter (086 822 8235)


Have you opened a special TICA Account with If yes, you can immediately take advantage of a special offer the company is currently making to TICA coaches:

Bucket of 96 ITF approved trainer balls. Was £89.99 NOW £79.99 – Click here for details

18 cans of pressurized match balls, ITF approved, 4 balls per can. Was £69.99 NOW £59.99 – Click here for details

More members have responded to the TennisPlanet account offer than to anything else we have done in the history of TICA. If you have not opened an account as yet – why not!?

If you would like to open an account, please send me the details below, and I will do the rest:

First Name:

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Full Address:

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Your Main Tennis Club:

I am interested in the reseller opportunity  YES    NO

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WhatsApp Messenger is a Smartphone messenger for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones. It cost 79 cents, and aims to save you money by using your Internet connection to send video, image and voice notes or engage in group chats, all with no cost even for international functions. Recommended by Tennis Ireland Director of Development Roger Geraghty, the app has received great reviews all round. See for full details, or search your AppStore.


Long-standing member Ciaran Redmond has come up with a new way for our players to get involved in more competitive matches. He makes the very relevant point that competitive play stimulates the need and desire for more coaching. Please read his message below, visit the website and consider recommending your students to get involved in this new project. Ciaran writes: is a website I have put together. I hope we can build it up to be a popular, friendly way for male and female tennis players to play singles matches in a competitive league for players of their own standard (doubles and mixed doubles competitions to be introduced later). This league provides an answer to some of the problems facing keen tennis players; people who are tired of playing the same people all the time, some who can’t find a game of singles within their own club and some who can’t get on a league team. Some features of The Dublin Tennis League are:

1. Games for tennis players of all abilities split into divisions depending on their gender, playing standard and league/competition experience (eventually we hope to use the ITN rating system).

2. Matches are arranged at a time that suits both parties.

3. Each match has a designated home and away player. The home player decides where the match will take place.

With a competitive goal in mind, players like to improve their chances by booking some lessons. Everybody likes to win! Encouraging your players and members of your club to enter can only be good for business. I think with your support in encouraging your players to try the Dublin tennis league, it could grow into something very popular. If you have any queries please call me on 087 9152407 or e mail:”.


A note from John Yandell:

“Let’s look at two of the great two-hander’s in the pro game–Andy Murray and Mardy Fish. And hear a noted coach expound on how to develop the right two-hander for you. And add one more key point of two-handed analysis, this time from me. But also ask the question: can the one-hander work better for some players in club tennis? Click Here for the New Issue!”


I have recently been testing a brand new product that I think will be of interest to many coaches. Tennis 10s is a vital programme in world tennis – both for players and coaches. In Ireland, developing Tennis 10s to the degree it demands has been held back slightly due to the fact that very few permanent red or orange courts exist. Coaches have always had to create the court using throw down lines, markers etc. But what I hear from coaches is that the lines that are currently in the marketplace are not ideal for this function. I think the solution just might have arrived…

The new lines that I have been experimenting with are made from silicone rubber. This gives the product a `sticky` feel, and I found that this ensures that it lies flush to the court surface. Here is what the company who has developed the product has to say on their website ( “The SFS Manufacturing Group Ltd, a leading UK manufacturer of silicone rubber products, manufactures a range of temporary mini tennis court line sets, for match play and day to day coaching, allowing different court configurations to be set up. A special grade of silicone rubber was developed in-house to give a high-tack compound that when combined with our unique grooved profile, grips the court surface. This enables players to run over the line, without the lines moving, hence removing the need for them to be constantly re-laid. Our unique material and profile, may look the same as thermoplastic lines, but they have far superior properties and perform in a different way”.

These lines have been designed very specifically for Tennis 10s, cut to length and complete with helpful markings for easy alignment. The manufacturers have worked closely with the ITF in the design of the product, and it carries the Play and Stay and Tennis 10s seal of approval. Sets are available for both red and orange court marking. I highly recommend a visit to the website, where you can check prices and place an order. A durable, safe and effective court marking system is crucial in driving Tennis 10s forward, and players in this age group are a mainstay of most coaching programmes.


The J.C. FERRERO TENNIS ACADEMY (ALICANTE, SPAIN), is now taking bookings for this year 2012 on Easter Break Holidays. We are organizing a group of children between 10 and 16 years old to enjoy a few days of intensive training in one of the best tennis academies in the world with our professional coaches. Have the opportunity to train near top players and enjoy all the facilities in our Academy.

For more information please contact our representative in Ireland, Pablo Plaza, on 085 115 3589.


Congratulations to member Michael Quinn, who correctly predicted that Novak Djokovic would win the men’s Australian Open title. Michael won four tennis books in our competition, which was advertised in the previous news update.