Coaches News 01.03.12


Coaches News 01.03.12

Dear Coach,

I will be sending you a full Coach Update later this month. In the meantime, here are two items I hope will be of interest to some of you in the Dublin/Leinster area:


It is accepted worldwide that appropriate competitive opportunities are essential in driving tennis participation forward. But it can be difficult for individual coaches to organise these opportunities for their players, so it’s great when someone comes along and does the job for you!

Long-standing member Ciaran Redmond has come up with a new way for our players to get involved in more competitive matches.He makes the very relevant point that competitive play stimulates the need and desire for more coaching. Please read his message below, visit the website and consider recommending your students to get involved in this new project. Ciaran writes: is a website I have put together. I hope we can build it up to be a popular, friendly way for male and female tennis players to play singles matches in a competitive league for players of their own standard (doubles and mixed doubles competitions to be introduced later). This league provides an answer to some of the problems facing keen tennis players; people who are tired of playing the same people all the time, some who can’t find a game of singles within their own club and some who can’t get on a league team. Some features of The Dublin Tennis League are:

1. Games for tennis players of all abilities split into divisions depending on their gender, playing standard and league/competition experience (eventually we hope to use the ITN rating system).

2. Matches are arranged at a time that suits both parties.

3. Each match has a designated home and away player. The home player decides where the match will take place.

With a competitive goal in mind, players like to improve their chances by booking some lessons. Everybody likes to win! Encouraging your players and members of your club to enter can only be good for business. I think with your support in encouraging your players to try the Dublin tennis league, it could grow into something very popular. If you have any queries please call me on 087 9152407 or e mail:”.


Level 2 coach with over 10 years experience coaching juniors from Mini to National Level seeks part time position/coaching hours in Dublin and the surrounding areas. Please contact Alan Lane on 086-2253746 or email