News Update 27.6.12


News Update 27.6.12

Dear TCI Member,

Here is the latest news from Tennis Coach Ireland. Please let me know if you have any news, comments or suggestions of your own that you would like to share with other members.

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The Tennis Coach Ireland National Conference will take place this year on Sunday 30th September at Castleknock LTC. This years Conference will return to a format we used a number of years ago, involving simultaneous presentations from Irish coaches. Presenters will work with their own pupil/s, in a session tied to an aspect of the new Long Term Player Development Programme.


Tennis Ireland Director of Development Roger Geraghty has produced a new manual entitled “SAMPLE THREE YEAR STRATEGY FOR TENNIS CLUBS”, which I believe will be of major interest to anyone teaching in Irish clubs. It details the programmes, events and staff that should be in place in order to provide club members with the services they expect and deserve. The manual is concise and to the point. If you would like to work proactively at your club, use this manual as a template to take to the Executive Committee, and outline how you can efficiently deliver the services described. It might even lead to you being appointed as the clubs Director of Tennis!

(The manual is attached, and will also shortly be available as a download from


Tennis Coach Ireland now has its own range of clothing reserved exclusively for members of the Association. Our objective with TCI clothing is to continue to create a strong, branded image. To see the range, please go to, and use the left/right arrows to find the TCI range. To make a purchase, follow the simple steps and pay by credit card or via PayPal.


If you are a Facebook user, please like our page at and also ask your friends to check out our page and like it.


Following the success of our initial RED Tournament at Bective LTC I am writing to give you details of the next series of tournaments (attached to this email). Thanks to the support from you the coaches there was a great demand for this initial tournament. We have added extra dates to cater for this demand. These tournaments are targeting children who do not normally take part in the mainstream Leinster competitions. The initiative aims to give all your junior members an opportunity to play in a competition and in turn create an increased demand for coaching for you. It will not involve any instruction or coaching. I attach details of our next tournaments and would ask you to place them on your notice board, and inform the parents of your pupils who fall into this age bracket.


Are you fully prepared for Irelands first National Tennis Day (July 7th)? Go to for details. And please let me know after the event how things went at your club – planning will begin on July 8th for National Tennis Day 2013!


The Internet is now the first stop for most people who are seeking information. How does it look to your current (and prospective!) pupils if they see a blank space where your profile should be on the Tennis Coach Ireland website? It is important that you set up and complete your own Profile page at our new website. It is very easy to set up your profile, and no specialist computer knowledge is required to do it!

1. Go to, and Login (top right of home page), using the Username and Password that was emailed to you recently (if you cannot locate these, let me know and I will reissue). You will be taken directly to your Profile Page, some fields of which have already been completed (not all of this information will appear in your public profile – if you wish to see what will appear, go to Peter Farrell’s profile to check what the public can access).

2. Start filling in the gaps, paying particular attention to the ‘About Me’ section, which allows you to write a paragraph about why you are the coach prospective employers should contact…

3. On the left of the page, select a photo from the pictures on your computer, which you would like to accompany your profile.

4. There is a space near the bottom of the page where you can add any additional information you think relevant (e.g. extracts from your C.V.?)

5. If you do not wish any part of your profile to be viewable by the public, leave the box ‘Publish my details` unticked. This will also remove you from the main list of coaches on the `Find A Coach` page. Your membership of Tennis Coach Ireland will not be displayed to the public anywhere on the site, and your details will be available only to those running the site (the TCI Officers).

6. Click on `Update` (located both top right and bottom right of the page) to finalise the process.

Another important element of the site is the rotating ‘FEATURED COACH’ area on the home page. If you would like to be a featured coach, please drop me a line or a text (086 822 8235) to let me know. To be a featured coach, you must have set up your profile (including a photograph) as detailed above. Please note that, after selecting your photograph, you must click the `Update` button on the right hand side of the screen to apply the image.


Dr. Brian Gordon’s initial article on the ATP forehand generated a phenomenal level of response, and the second one I predict will do the same! And you guys that love to argue about the wrist on the forehand, read this and prepare to be happy or sad, or possibly both.

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