Hitting ‘Deep’ Groundstrokes


Hitting ‘Deep’ Groundstrokes

hittingAt beginner and intermediate levels, a player can win a lot of groundstroke rallies simply by keeping the ball in play and deep.

At this level of play, deep means the ball bouncing past the service line. The nearer the baseline the better, but remember to leave a `margin for error’ – aiming 2 to 3 metres inside the baseline should do the trick.


Deep shots keep your opponent pushed back behind his baseline, from where:

  • It is hard for him to attack.
  • His shots will take longer to get to you (giving you more time to react).
  • The angles open to him are smaller.
  • You can move him farther side to side.
  • He is more likely to hit a short, weak shot.
  • It is more difficult for him to attack if you hit a weak shot.

As in any one-on-one ‘battle’, the further away you can keep your ‘enemy’, the less harm he can do to you!