How To…Play in the Wind by Peter Farrell


How To…Play in the Wind by Peter Farrell

windIn Ireland, you can find yourself playing a match on a windy day, regardless of the time of year. Here are some coping strategies for when it’s blowing a gale.

Wind in your back – danger of hitting past the baseline:

  • aim low over the net
  • use more topspin
  • use less power.

Wind in your face – danger of hitting short, allowing your opponent to attack, or hitting into the net:

  • aim high over the net
  • use less topspin and more power
  • slice (sidespin) serves will be extra awkward for your opponent
  • good drop shots will be point winners.

Cross-court wind – danger of the ball being pulled wide:

  • give yourself plenty of margin for error when hitting crosscourt or (especially) down the line shots on the side where the wind can force the ball into the tramlines
  • use a slice (sidespin) serve to pull the receiver way off court.

Get to the net:

A tennis ball is most affected by the wind when it is travelling slowly. Volleying means you cut off your opponents shots before they slow down around the time of the bounce.

Keep calm and carry on:

Most players find it frustrating to play in the wind. The wind is the same for both players, whoever copes best will probably win. Make sure it is your opponent who ends up wishing she were somewhere else.

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