How To…Win with the Drop Shot by Peter Farrell


How To…Win with the Drop Shot by Peter Farrell

Drop shots can win lots of points if played at the right time and in the right way. The shot can be used to tire an opponent, vary the rhythm of play and to bring a baseliner to the net. But when is the right time and what is the right way?


Drop shots should usually only be played off a short ball (one that lands inside or around the service line area). Playing it off a deep ball is difficult and easy to misjudge. Even if you play it well the opponent has lots of time to react, since it is a soft shot travelling a long distance.

If you drop shot too often, your opponent will be ready and waiting for it. Use the drop shot sparingly for maximum effect.


The key is to focus on hitting the ball gently, as if playing with a small child. Many players make the mistake of attempting to hit the drop shot with a lot of slice. To get heavy slice you must swing at the ball, and swinging gives you too much power.

Try to prepare for the shot as you normally would (“disguise it”), so that your opponent is taken by surprise.