Does Your Second Serve Cut It?


Does Your Second Serve Cut It?

serve1You may think you have an effective second serve, but does it really make the grade?

The most objective assessment of how good this shot is: what does your opponent do with it?

In returning your second serve, the receiver can

1. Play an attacking shot.

2. Play a defensive shot.

3. Play a rallying-type shot.

4. Miss the return.

If you can gather some statistics as to how often each of the above possibilities actually happen, you are on your way to discovering how effective your second serve really is…

You could ask someone to generate these statistics when you are playing your next match. Or play points in practice where you have only one serve per point, and keep a track of how your partner treats your second delivery.

If you find that the majority of your second serves are being attacked, it may be time to arrange a lesson with your local Tennis Coach Ireland coach!