Tennis Ireland Licensing 2014


Tennis Ireland Licensing 2014



If you wish to be licensed by Tennis Ireland in 2014, you will need to fulfill certain criteria. Tennis Ireland has recently circulated the following info (I would draw your attention in particular to how you can now renew your Child Protection Certificate online. It’s also worth mentioning that more and more job adverts are specifying a License as desirable or necessary.):

“Tennis Ireland in cooperation with Tennis Coach Ireland and the Coach Education Committee successfully launched our Coach Licensing Programme in 2013 with coaches nationwide signing up to the programme. With a total of 209 coaches satisfying criteria in 2013, it is envisaged that in 2014, this number will significantly increase.

To qualify as a Licensed Coach in 2014, our coaches must have the following in place: ONE. Amass a minimum of 100 CPD points under the regulations of the TCI Continuous Professional Development Programme for 2013.  TWO. Hold a Child Protection Certificate that is not older than 5 years (ie certificates held before 2008 are no longer valid ). To update your certificate you can review the 3 Vimeo presentations by Roger Geraghty on Tennis Ireland’s website and complete the online quiz here: THREE. Be able to provide evidence that you have been vetted within 3 years previously, (Garda Vetting or Access NI as appropriate – Applications completed before 2010 are no longer valid.) Closing date for renewal of Garda Vetting applications and Child Protection is 31st December 2013 . A leaflet is available on our website containing the required details for coaches Thank you for your support and dedication to maintaining high standards in our sport”.