CPD 2014


CPD 2014

cpd1As you know, in common with many other professions TCI runs a Continuous Professional Development Programme. In order to avail of our group Public Liability Insurance Scheme for 2015, at a very attractive premium, a member is asked to amass 100 CPD points during 2014. Points are gained by attending workshops, seminars and conferences, (including our own National Conference).

Members who do not gain 100 points during the period up to December 1st 2014 will still be able to insure themselves for Public Liability in 2015 through TCI, but at an increased premium (For 2014 coaches who did not have 100 points were asked to pay premiums ranging from  120 to €220 depending on the precise amount of points they had gained, versus  70 – £58 – for coaches with 100 points).


Coaches also need to factor in this year the importance of CPD points within the Tennis Ireland Licensing Scheme, where in order to be registered as a `Licensed Coach` in 2015, a coach will need to achieve 100 points under the CPD 2014 scheme. A full explanation of the licensing programme is at



The system for 2014 will operate as follows:

(i) The TCI National Conference will be worth 75 points.

(ii) All other events will be worth 25 points.

(iii) A coach can gain 100 points by attending four events each worth 25 points.

In effect this means that a coach can gain 100 points by attending the National Conference plus one other event, as in previous years.

cpd1However if a coach feels that it would be of more benefit to attend four 25 point events, rather than attend the National Conference, he or she can still gain a total of 100 points. Therefore attendance at the National Conference is not essential in order to be credited with sufficient points for the best value insurance and Tennis Ireland Licensing. Please note that, given this flexible approach, Tennis Coach Ireland does not intend to run a ‘waiver’ scheme in 2014.


For 2014, the Continuous Professional Development Programme will continue to embrace courses/seminars/workshops organized by other bodies, and points under CPD can be given to members who attend these courses. For example if a member attends a course on marketing, or computers, which the coach feels will be useful in their tennis coaching business, he or she can register with TCI to have attendance considered in terms of allocation of CPD points. Any such course may be eligible for a maximum of 25 points under CPD 2014. If you are attending a course that you would like to have considered for CPD points, please contact Peter Farrell before attending the course/event.

Other 25 Point Options Include:

  • Write an article to be published by TCI (Level 2 and 3 coaches). Please contact Peter Farrell for details.
  • Sign up for our Mentoring Programme.


(i) TCI will add to the list above during 2014. Any events not mentioned here will be notified to members as they arise.

(ii) Please note that all coaches should have secured 100 points by December 1st 2014.

(iii) Any queries or documents relating to the Tennis Ireland Licensing Scheme should not be sent to me, but to Ms. Tara Congdon at the Tennis Ireland office – coachlicensing@tennisireland.ie.