Coach News 4.12.14


Coach News 4.12.14

Dear TCI Member,

Welcome to the December issue of TCI’s Coach News. Please let me know if you have any news, comments or ideas that you would like to share with other members.

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STOP PRESS!!! The final details are being put to the 2015 membership package, and these will be sent out to you in the next few days. Please watch your inbox!

REMINDER: Nicola Herbert has recently taken up the reins as our Financial Controller. You can send any queries re membership, insurance and CPD to Nicola, whom you can write to at You can also phone Nicola on her dedicated TCI number 085 1898600. Please note that the TCI email address previously used for Tara Congdon is no longer in use. Tara is of course still working with Tennis Ireland, where she can be contacted on Coach Licensing and Child Protection matters at

TENNIS COACH IRELAND YOUTUBE CHANNEL: We now have our own Youtube channel at, where we will continue to upload new videos as often as possible. Please share this address with coaches and players. Our aim with the channel is to highlight the members of Tennis Coach Ireland, and encourage as many players as possible to choose a TCI coach. If you have made any tennis videos, or plan to, we would love to hear about them with a view to highlighting them on our channel.

NEW ARTICLE BY RACHAEL DILLON: Well-known player and coach Rachael Dillon has provided us with an exclusive article “Brain Training for Tennis”. As well as being a Tennis Coach Ireland member, Rachael plays Fed Cup for Ireland, and holds WTA singles and doubles rankings. Rachael has a degree in psychology, and is currently working in the Department of Psychiatry in Trinity College, Dublin. Click here to read the article:

 ‘PHOENIX’ TOURNAMENT: for your “less experienced” players – At the National Tennis Centre DCU on Saturday 3rd  (boys) and Sunday 4th January (girls). The events will have two phases. A Round Robin format will be used in the first phase, then players will progress to a second phase which will be played using a knock-out format. These matches will be played on Saturday 10thJanuary & Sunday 11th January. PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: players entering the U12s event must be born in 2003/2004 ONLY PLAYERS WITH 100 RANKING POINTS OR LESS ARE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY in the Category 4 event. ONLY PLAYERS WITH 25 RANKING POINTS OR LESS ARE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY in the Category 5 event. Enter here:

TENNIS iCOACH EDITORS PICK: Knowing how to position your body in relation to the ball, and co-ordinate multiple segments of the body is crucial. This video contains six exercises that help to develop general co-ordination, using a ladder and a tennis ball:

A MESSAGE FROM JOHN YANDELL:  “The Myth of the Recovery Step: Forehand. Should you consciously swing your foot around to start your recover fast “like the pros”–and even add power to your forehand? That idea is a myth. It’s absolutely not what the top players do. Sometimes coaches who look at high-speed video don’t pay attention to sequence, and in this case the result has been a lot of damaging advice. See what the recovery step reality is at the top level of the game and the implications for your forehand”. See

NEW VIDEO FROM MARK TENNANT: inspire2coach Director Mark Tennant talks about how verbal communication can be misunderstood, and how effective demonstrations are far better for tennis coaching