Tennis Q and A – number 2


Tennis Q and A – number 2

q-aTENNIS Q AND A: In this new series, our Director of Development Peter Farrell responds to some of the most common queries that players put to their coach.


I hate it when my opponent approaches the net, I always feel like the pressure is on! I usually try to hit with pace to make the volley difficult for him, but my passing shots often end up either in the net or the back fence. What should I do to play smarter when my opponent moves forward to volley?


Two key things to keep in mind:

1. Keeping the ball low is more important than hitting it hard. Make him “volley up”, and it will prevent him attacking with pace.To achieve this low ball, you can use a heavy topspin “whipped” shot, or a soft slice “chipped” shot.

2. Keep in mind that you do not have to win the point with your first passing shot. This idea in itself should ease the pressure you feel. As long as you keep the ball low to the volleyer’s feet, it will be hard for him to hit a winning shot. Relax, knowing that you have two or three “bites of the cherry!”