“The Secrets of Spanish Tennis” reviewed by Peter Farrell


“The Secrets of Spanish Tennis” reviewed by Peter Farrell

spanishIf you are a tennis coach, player, or parent of a young player, you will want to know how and why Spain has been so successful on the world stage of late. “The Secrets of Spanish Tennis” is a new book by American coach Chris Lewit that provides all the answers. Lewit spent seven years researching, and interviewed key players and coaches, including extended periods studying at top Spanish Academies.

“What happens here? It’s windy. It’s sunny. It’s hot. And it’s slow…and you have to play. You get strong here.”

Sergio Casal (Former world number one doubles player).

As well as going into detail about the philosophy of top Spanish coaches, the book contains full details of the actual drills these coaches use on court every day, and which they see as crucial in helping develop great players. Sometimes it can be difficult to fully understand drills based on a diagram on the page. One of Lewit’s great innovations here is to tie each drill to a ‘live demonstration’ on his website www.secretsofspanishtennis.com.

“The most important thing with drills is the intensity. If you make drills with intensity, full of concentration, that’s the only way you can improve your tennis”.

Albert Costa (French Open Champion 2002)

The ‘Secrets of Spanish Tennis’ are the common core elements that Lewit observed being taught across the country by leading academies and coaches. There are six “Secrets”, and the book revolves around how they have been integrated into a training system that is providing fantastic results for Spanish tennis. All tennis coaches need to know how the Spanish system works, and this highly recommended book really “spills the beans”. Available from Amazon at: http://goo.gl/UQxB6j.