Coach News 4.9.15


Coach News 4.9.15

Dear Member,

news1Here is the latest news from Tennis Coach Ireland. Please let me know if you have any news, comments or suggestions of your own that you would like to share with other members. AND…don’t forget to sign up for the NATIONAL CONFERENCE soon if you have not already – looking forward to seeing you there!


NEW CLUB MEMBERS?: Is your tennis club looking for new members? Some ideas and suggestions that you may not have tried as yet can be accessed on the Leinster Tennis website at:

USEFUL FACEBOOK PAGE: Have you ‘Liked’ the Leinster Tennis Facebook page yet? It is a very useful resource for clubs – e.g. today’s main story: If each volunteer at your club is clear on their ‘Roles and Responsibilities’, they will work more effectively. It will also be easier to source new volunteers when the time comes. Find details of the roles for 17 different committee members (’position descriptions’) by clicking below…

TAX RETURNS…: It will soon be time for all self-employed coaches to finalise their tax return for 2014. If you need advice, guidance and assistance dealing with the paperwork, please contact our official accountant Billy Meehan at 087 258 1122

WORLD COACHES CONFERENCE: The ITF World Coaches Conference is held every second year. This year it will take place in Antalya, Turkey from November 24th to 28th. Open to all qualified coaches, the WCC is a wonderful learning opportunity! Registration closes soon – full details here:

A NOTE FROM JOHN YANDELL: To the Tennisplayer Community, Yes indeed another issue has arrived–this one I suspect will stir some things up–and in fact it already has…just check the Forum. Click Here for the New Issue!

NEW TCI YOUTUBE VIDEO: Click below to see the latest video in Tennis Coach Ireland’s ‘Keys to Winning Tennis’ series…

“FOOTFAULT!”: Problems with footfaulting at your club? You can download a poster for your notice board here: