Coach News February 2016


Coach News February 2016

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febnewsWelcome to the February edition of our newsletter. Please let me know if you have any news or items you would like to see in the next issue, and do get in touch if I can be of assistance to you in any way.


FREE RESOURCES FOR COACHES: including Guide to Welcoming Families: an explanation of the initiative along with educational materials including lesson programs and plans, teaching aids ideas, pathway ideas and off-court administration sections.

Off-Court Tennis Practice: Tennis activities to practice away from class. Over 50 activities that can be done in a driveway or basement.

Drills for Juniors and Adults: Over 150 drills and games for teachers to use.

Beginner Teaching Model: An overview or six models and lesson plans.

Play Tennis Fast Model including Instant Tennis: Six (1-hour) sessions using shorter courts and ROG balls that has people playing tennis in the first session.

Instant Tennis: 1-hour session for beginner players to learn and play instantly.

For all this, for free, go to:

SPORTS FIRST AID and CPD: We have now ratified Sports First Aid into our Continuous Professional Development Programme. Here’s how this will work. For CPD points to be credited, the course content must include AED and CPR and the course duration must be a minimum of one day. You will be allocated 25 CPD points once in any two-year period, as certification for Sports First Aid is for two years.

Child Protection:

We have now ratified Child Protection into the Continuous Professional Development Programme. As Child Protection lasts for five years, we will award 25 CPD points once in any five-year period.

CONGRATULATIONS TO GARRETT BARRY: Garrett, for many years a member of the TCI Board, has been appointed by Tennis Ireland to the position of Provincial Performance Coordinator. This role will involve working closely with the National Performance Director Garry Cahill in terms of how National Training links with the Performance Programmes in the provinces.Garrett is currently the Connacht Regional Development Officer and also runs Performance Tennis in Connacht. Tennis Coach Ireland would like to wish Garrett the very best in his new role.

A NOTE FROM MARK TENNANT of inspire2coach: If you haven’t been able to get to one of our CPD courses in the UK or to one of our many conferences around the world, we have the perfect solution with the first of our series of 3 “Live in Dublin” videos, filmed during the 2015 Tennis Coach Ireland Conference in Dublin.

Features: Receiving skills, 5Rs of the stroke production cycle, Great lesson activities, Drills for your lessons.

A NOTE FROM JOHN YANDELL AT A New Teaching Method: Forehand Preparation Part 1… The magic preparation move at the heart of the pro forehand – so simple a beginner or a 4.5 player or a college player could do it…and I have helped some of all of those. When we filmed pro players in high speed for the first time over 20 years ago, we saw it and I have been writing about it and teaching it ever since. So why are so many forehands at all levels so, so bad? Maybe those players haven’t seen this article.

TENNIS IRELAND LICENSING: Tennis Coach Ireland strongly recommends that, if you fulfill the criteria for Tennis Ireland Licensing in 2016, you should ensure that you become Licensed. More and more clubs are specifying in job adverts that ideal candidates will be Licensed. I expect that this trend will become more pronounced as we head in to the fourth year of the Licensing Scheme. Full details at All queries to


Martyn Evans Sports is the new and official equipment supplier to TCI. The TCI deal with Martyn Evans Sports is a simple one: all TCI members will receive a 10% discount off all tennis items purchased either online, on the phone or in the store at Fitzwilliam LTC.

1. PURCHASE ONLINE: Go to Click on ‘Create an Account’ on the top right of the home page, and fill in the required details. Put the items you require into your ‘cart’. When you are in “View Cart”, you will see a box “Coupon Code” on the left of the screen underneath the list of items you intend to purchase. Enter the coupon code tennis10, then press ”Apply” to receive a 10% discount.

2. ORDER OVER THE PHONE: Call 01 660 6923, and provide your name to confirm membership of TCI.

3. CALL TO THE SHOP: Provide your name when making purchases in order to receive the discount.