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Oscar Borras


Member of the Real Federación Española de Tenis (RFET) - Tennis Federation of Spain.

National Tennis Professor / Coach for the Tennis Federation of Spain for more than 30 years.
Member of the Organization Professional Tennis Registry (PTR)
Member of the Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA-ATP certified) considered as Level-A Coach
Member of the Irish Tennis Federation considered as a Level 3 Certificate Coach


- DIRECTOR and OWNER of the "OSCAR BORRAS" Tennis Academy since December 1997 until today.

- ADVISOR to RAFAEL NADAL during the 2009-2010 pre-season, to improve his SERVE, reaching it’s best ever top speed until today of 217 km/h, where did he not loose his serve until the final, and in the final only twice against Djokovic (US Open 2010). This led Rafa to win for the first time the US Open and the Grand Slam.

- CREATOR/INVENTOR of the his own teaching METHOD: The TOP TEN SYSTEM - based of 30 years of observing matches, and that explains mathematically, technically and tactically why top ten players win, unique in the world.

- TECHNICAL and TACTICAL ADVISOR to CRISTINA BUCSA (Champion of Spain under 16 and under 18) and CARLES SARRIO (Sub Champion of Spain under 16) both using the: "TOP TEN SYSTEM" methodology.

- Symposium and Conference CERTIFIED in Spain by the RFET since 1997.

- NATIONAL REFEREE, highest level achieved in Spain (Murcia, 2003).

-NATIONAL PROFESSOR by the RFET (Madrid 1993).

- NATIONAL REFEREE level 1 for the BARCELONA '92 Olympics by RFET (Alicante, 1991).


- MASTER in PSYCHOLOGY applied to Tennis (USA, 1990).

- INTERNATIONAL COACH - "NICK BOLLETTIERI International Coaches Association", (Florida 1990).

- MASTER in "MENTAL TRAINING" by JAMES LOHER, (Bradennton, USA 1990).


- NATIONAL COACH by RFET (Madrid 1989).

- NATIONAL MONITOR by RFET (Madrid, 1982).

- SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR (Several times) - Castellón, Spain.

- EX-PLAYER (Nationally and Internationally) with more than 150 trophies, both individually and doubles.

- Current player and active playing staff of the VALENCIAN Tennis Club, (1st National Category of Spain).

- 2 years as MANAGING DIRECTOR of the Benicarló Tennis Club, coaching FERNANDO VICENTE (which became 33rd in the ATP).

- 3 years as MANAGING DIRECTOR of the Sociedad Hípica Militar at Logroño (La Rioja).

- 4 years as MANAGING DIRECTOR of the Sociedad Recreativa Cantabria at LOGROÑO (La Rioja).

- Champion for 7 straight years of the COMUNIDAD de LA RIOJA.

- 3 years as MANAGING DIRECTOR of the ELCHE Tennis Club (Alicante).

- 1 year appointed by the Mayor of the City of Alicante as the City’s Sports Deputy and Maximum Sports Authority (Alicante).

- 5 years as the PRIVATE COACH for the tennis & sports team of the company J'HAYBER.

- 25 years as the image during “CLINICS” of the brand "PRINCE" in Spain.

- CAPTAIN (multiple times) during CAMPEONATOS de ESPAÑA (Spain Championships) for the Federations of LA RIOJA and VALENCIA for under '12 and under '14, coaching and advising players such as DAVID FERRER and ANABEL MEDINA.

- 3 years as MANAGING DIRECTOR for the ALICANTE Tennis Club.

- 7 years as SENIOR ADVISOR to the FEDERACION RIOJANA de Tenis.

- Advisor to several of the most prestigious coaches worldwide.

- ORGANIZER of National Tournaments, ITF and multiple Sports Events.

- ORGANIZER of CLINICS, SHOWMAN and SPEAKER at multiple events.

- Frequent and avid blogger, writer for national and international tennis magazines, websites and constantly mentioned and interviewed on EuroSports TV and Spanish National Television.

- Front face for STRUKTURA MAGAZINE, valued as a Tennis Reference nationally and internationally.

-Published the book “Top Ten System- El Método” by Oscar Borras, January 2017.
-Irish Open Veterans Championships June 2017, Men’s Over 35 Doubles Winner with Federico Raffo.

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